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Retirement Reimagined

Retirement Funding

Did you know that 2/3 of the people who have ever lived past age 65 are alive today?  The fact is that the majority of these older adults don’t have a clue about what they ought to be doing with the rest of their lives.  Why do I say this?  Well, the fact is that the average retiree spends 49 hours per week watching TV.  One can only ask : Is this the high point of a human life?

If you look in Webster’s Dictionary for a definition of retirement, it says that retirement is to disappear or to go away.  Well, I’ve got news for Webster’s, most people do not want to disappear or go away at age 65.  Instead, they want to remain engaged.  They want to re-invent themselves.  They say:  “I used to be a this, how do I become a that”?  Most people want to live a life in which there is a balance of work, leisure and learning.

Retirement is much more than just about money.  It’s about spending quality time with your family and friends, doing the things that you love to do, while staying healthy, continuing to learn and contributing to others. Just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean that you don’t have aspirations.  You can still have a dream at 50, an aspiration at age 65 or a passion at 80. 

Yes, you still need to know how much it will cost you to live in retirement.  However this question only makes sense in the context of a much larger question like:

Imagine that you are financially secure, that you have enough money to take care of your needs, now and in the future. How would you live your life? What would you do with the money? Would you change anything? Let yourself go. Don’t hold back your dreams. Describe a life that is complete, that is richly yours.

At Encore Wealth Advisors, we are reimagining retirement.  When you work with us, you can trust us to not just manage your money but to help you to live your dream.